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I agree with you about a lot of this actually. I mean I get that Theo was brought in to rebuild the whole organization, not just to manage the team, but if that is the case, shouldn't the Red Sox have gotten an even better compensation package for him?
Absolutely, and it speaks to the incompetence of the front office that the return was so pathetic. They somehow got less for Theo than the White Sox did for Ozzie.

However, can't they get a little credit for beginning to turn it around? They recognized that they weren't going to get better, dumped almost all of the major contracts that had hamstrung them from retooling the roster (with the help of Dodgers front office) to canning Bobby V. And now they were able to go and quickly execute a trade for a guy who many in the organization (even when Theo was there), had ID'd as Tito's successor, and someone who they wanted to have manage. If they had done something outrageous and traded Rubby de LaRosa, Buchholz or any of their top prospects for Farrell, I'd agree with you, but for Mike Freaking Aviles I just can't get upset over that.
See, I don't think they're turning it around. While it was good to dump Crawford, I'm not sold on dumping Gonzalez, the Youkilis trade was moronic for several reasons, and they've moved heaven and earth to make roster space for Jose Iglesias, who for all his defensive talent is still the worst hitter in professional baseball. In just twelve months, they've gone from a flawed but competitive team to one that has absolutely no chance of being decent for a number of years to come. Beyond the broken organization, trading for a manager is maybe the dumbest thing any professional baseball club could do (that isn't named "hire Dave Littlefield for anything, ever") and trading an everyday player for one is even more laughable. And David Carpenter is not a good pitcher and was going to be dropped from the 40-man if he wasn't traded. All of this turmoil for a manager who didn't exactly light the world on fire in Toronto and employed some ... "interesting" tactics during games.

In other news, Cashman says he'll listen to offers for A-Rod.

"It's not like I'm going to hang phones up on anybody who wants to make any overtures about anything," Cashman told O'Connor. "You're talking about realistic stuff and unrealistic stuff. I don't think it's realistic at all for us to be moving forward with anything but Alex Rodriguez at third base.

"He's still an above-average third baseman. ... That means despite the contract that we had committed to him, that he's an asset at this stage still. I don't see us doing anything there. I don't anticipate it. If someone wants to make phone calls, we're more than willing to do all that stuff with any of our players, and that's fine. You can run into something that way.
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