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Re: What do you look for in a fan fic?

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Why does it need to be successful in terms of readership?
Because nobody wants to write something that nobody ever reads. That's kinda like asking, "If you're not going to sell that painting for money, why bother making it look good?" Uh, because I want it to and I want the people who see it to enjoy it.

The painting might be for your mother. If so, you'd make it something she would enjoy, right? That's an example of knowing your target audience, even though you're not making money.
What sort of difference are we talking?

I mean - I talk corporate bollocks because that's what I do for a living but I find it frankly sad that people are limiting their creativity because they are worried that 42 people rather than 48 will read their fan fiction.
Writing fan fiction is a hobby. Part of any hobby is sharing it with like-minded people, and the main way fan fic writers share their hobby is posting stories for fan fic readers to read, and the methods used to try and attract those 48 readers are the same in small scale as those used by New York Times bestselling authors and their publishers, starting with writing something someone in a particular demographic might like to read. If the demographic in question is labeled "Trekkie," then it would be idiotic for a trek fan fic writer to write a trek story in the style of an Ender novel, because most trekkies won't read it, and thus the author won't be able to share their hobby the way they intended. No, they don't get dumped by shareholders and therefore don't lose any money, but rejection by six out of forty-eight fan fic readers can be just as devastating to an amateur as rejection by Simon and Shuster would be, so it's always best to try to avoid something like that if you can. Pleasing your target audience is important, no matter how small it is and whether or not it's paying you.

And frankly, I find it sad that there's someone out there to whom something so basic about human nature needs to be explained.
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