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Re: Ongoing Community Discussion Thread

I really like Bloopers/Gag Reels of shows because they are mostly very funny and they show the actors how they really are as persons.. no acting, just their personality.

Naturally i've seen the Community Gag Reels (search for them on Youtube, they're really funny) and what struck me is how awkward Chevy seemed sometimes with the rest of the cast. Especially the later ones from season 3 you could sense that the others are not always comfortable with him as they are with each other.. it doesn't seem they are as close with him as they are with each other.

Maybe it's the generation gap but maybe it's also his attitude on set that sets him apart and making him less integrated than the rest.

I always wondered how the cast really feels about him but kudos to them they remained above it all and didn't start badmouthing him (maybe that starts once the show officially ends and they don't have to work with him anymore).

However, if i were the showrunner, i'd start looking into ways of either letting him go or replacing him. Nobody watches the show for Chevy Chase and he's become increasingly more difficult to work with for less benefit.. storywise i wouldn't miss his character at all.
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