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Re: Thoughts on Fringe Season 5 so far (Beware of some spoilers)

It's hard for me to form a solid opinion right now. As someone who's only recently started watching the series, and watched seasons 1-4 at rapid fire pace over a period of a couple of months (instead of watching one episode a time, week after week), things are still very fresh in my mind. And each time the show "reboots" itself, it derails the momentum that had been building and it leaves a poor taste in my mouth. I absolutely love seasons 1-3 but was initially frustrated with the timeline change in season 4. I eventually got over it, and was okay with the new status quo. However, the abrupt and dramatic shift into the future for season 5 just seems silly to me right now. Why did the writers decide to go in this direction? Why are the observers acting so... un-observer like? I want to give them the benefit of the doubt that this is meaningful and there is a reason that they are choosing to end the series in this way, but it just feels so out of left field. I also really miss the parallel universe. I got the impression that it was key to the overarching story, but the way they just severed ties in season 4 was just... anticlimactic.

Until I see how season 5 plays out and how the series ends, I will withhold judgement. But so far things are just.... weird.
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