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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

It was Earnest who called it a type of "Alien UN", that's the only reason I was using that term. And it's really nothing like that in the end, huh? Well it figures about the time I decide to stop trying to guess the members of this....coalition(better ?) and figured the Nox were a one off, they show back up.

1x15-Singularity: This episode is one that really helps showcase just how ruthless and cunning the Gou'ald are. Implanting a bomb inside a little girl. Everyone else on the planet that SG-7 had scouted ends up dying of a disease which is also a huge step just to ensure that Hammond and SG-1 are lead into their trap. One of the questions I now have is that it seems if you're on an SG team other than ONE, you are a red shirt unit essentially. This isn't the first team to lose either a member or the whole team be lost. I recall SG-2, 4 and 9 as well so far in just 15 episodes. How many teams are there are we told? Does one of these teams end up on Atlantis(I know I'm way ahead of myself but my mind is just thinking now). If that can be answered un-spolerific, great, if not I'm content to just be left wondering for awhile.

1x16-Enigma: I want to say I'll see more of this race. Even though the Tollan commander seemed off putting(for good reasons as he saw it) they just seem to be an eventual ally even if it's a begrudging alliance. And of course The Nox show back up...and likely will again? If so will Armin be reprising his role? The late 90's was good to him with DS9, Principal Snyder on Buffy and this(assuming he's back at some point). Carter's romantic interest(I don't recall his name) getting to keep the cat was a nice gesture. While not a true parallel to Data on TNG my mind couldn't help but go there. I also have to, from a real world perspective, question the likelihood of that being allowed. Seems it would be a type of violation introducing a native Earth animal onto a foreign world, the Nox's no less.
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