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Re: Project: Potemkin, a Star Trek Fan Film

Glad you liked it!

Here's what we've been doing this weekend:

Pictured: Eric Holt as Kugh, Jeremy Ellenberger as Mugh, Sara Higgins MacKenzie as Ensign Yanari, and Special Guest Star Keith Harris (of Starship Lexington) as "Carter Winston"

On October 20th, at a nearby field in Albany, Georgia, the cast and crew of Project: Potemkin set up and filmed David Eversole's vignette, "Beach Towel." The weather was very pleasant even as we met at 9:00am. On hand were the four cast members listed above as well as Executive Producer/Cameraman Randy Landers, Director Bill MacKenzie Lieutenant Caley), Richard Thorton (Lieutenant Frazier) who did the makeup, Amanda Cook who helped out as well, and Potemkin's hostess Linda Marcusky who always sets a good table for the cast and crew.

Filming took place until 3:00pm (with a 30 minute lunch break). Everyone did great; everyone had a good time shooting this action-filled script. Afterwards, we wrapped the Klingons and moved Keith and Sara to the transporter room set (and brought in Pamela Robinson (Lieutenant Tara Storm) for the vignette's conclusion.

We've posted LOTS of pictures at our Facebook group:

Overall, it was just another great day filming for Potemkin!
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