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Re: Aykroyd Comments on Murray, Ghostbusters 3! Working on Script w/Ra

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From what I have seen the hardcore fandom treats Ghostbusters as seriously as Star Trek fans do. Forgetting it is a comedy before anything else. I am guessing because they were kids when it came out. I am in that age group but now I see it for what it really was. I wonder if hardcore fans will be satisfied by anything new that is made. With or without Murray. Seeing a new movie as "too comedic"!
Sure, it's a comedy. But you still have to be able to take the threat seriously. The reason the first movie worked was because it DID have a bit of a dark edge to it (unlike the tame and family-friendly second movie), and had the characters going up against ghosts that were straight out of Poltergeist and the end of Raiders.

It's easy to laugh at those effects now, but I remember people jumping out of their seats all through that first movie.
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