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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

Yes, that was a great double-ep.

I also was pleased that they showed his initial skepticism and continued surprise instead of just showing the start of the conversation and then just cutting to "sometime later." I've been reading David Weber's "Safehold" series and everytime they let someone new in on their big secret, he sets up the start of the conversation and then cuts directly to "six hours later" completely skipping the wonderment of the reveal. In many ways, the reveal is the big payoff for the fans because they can easily imagine their reaction to being let in on the big secret, or letting someone else in on it.

Oh, and the eerie soundtrack they used becomes the Tok'ra background music throughout the rest of the series, if I recall correctly. Unfortunately they never do explain why the Goa'uld have so much outrageous, edgy fashion sense and the Tok'ra all dress like they' buy their clothes from page 58 of the Dickey's industrial workwear catalog, with a minor exception where they went for the Wilma Flintstone look.
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