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Well the Cubs traded for Theo technically, so how is this different? Would you rather have Theo, or (not the) Chris Carpenter?
The president of baseball operations has a hell of a lot more impact on the team than the field manager. The manager's impact on a team's wins and losses is hugely overrated (see: Art Howe being fundamentally retarded yet the A's coming out of nowhere in 2002). Generally speaking, a team with shitty players will be bad, and a team with good players will be good. Aviles can swing a bat and field balls, so he is infinitely more useful than a goddamn manager. Considering that the problems with the Red Sox organization go far, far deeper than the guy in the manager's office, and that managers are essentially as fungible as relievers, trading labor for a field manager (one who isn't even that good at most things) is the height of idiocy, and it fills me with glee to see the Red Sox continue this run of ineptitude. I knock on AA quite a bit, but receiving a real, live baseball player for a manager is a nice move on his part.

If the Red Sox are bad next year, because of the lack of Mike Aviles, then they have bigger problems to worry about.
Oh, they've had bigger problems to worry about for a few years, now.
I agree with you about a lot of this actually. I mean I get that Theo was brought in to rebuild the whole organization, not just to manage the team, but if that is the case, shouldn't the Red Sox have gotten an even better compensation package for him?

I also agree that team has been dysfunctional, from Sept 2011, to Theo leaving, and subsequent compensation terms, to Bobby V, to Lucky poking his head into baseball ops. However, can't they get a little credit for beginning to turn it around? They recognized that they weren't going to get better, dumped almost all of the major contracts that had hamstrung them from retooling the roster (with the help of Dodgers front office) to canning Bobby V. And now they were able to go and quickly execute a trade for a guy who many in the organization (even when Theo was there), had ID'd as Tito's successor, and someone who they wanted to have manage. If they had done something outrageous and traded Rubby de LaRosa, Buchholz or any of their top prospects for Farrell, I'd agree with you, but for Mike Freaking Aviles I just can't get upset over that.

Now they're in the position to have a rebuild (with a admittedly weaker roster to start with). They have a manager who they know communicates well with upper management, who knows their goals and philosophy, and they have MASSIVE payroll flexibility. I feel like the line Jonah Hill has in Moneyball sums it up great. "I think it's a good thing that you got Damon off your payroll. I think it opens up all kinds of interesting possibilities." They were in a mess, they somehow were able to hit a massive reset button, and now the challenge is that they need to rebuild this thing correctly.
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