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Re: MLB Discussion - 2012 Season

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The Red Sox are sending Mike Aviles to Toronto as compensation for hiring John Farrell.

God, stupid Red Sox are so much more fun than smart Red Sox. I love the utter madness of trading labor for management. (The Lou Piniella / Randy Winn thing from a few years back was the greatest thing ever.)
Well the Cubs traded for Theo technically, so how is this different? Would you rather have Theo, or (not the) Chris Carpenter?

If Farrell is the guy they think should be the head of this team during its rebuild, then why should someone like Mike Aviles get in the way of that? He's not irreplaceable in any way. You may not like the whole compensation thing, but how can you say they're stupid, if that's how the system works?

If the Red Sox are bad next year, because of the lack of Mike Aviles, then they have bigger problems to worry about.
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