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Re: Star Trek Film Makers Association

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One of our members said it best when they emailed me about you...
I don't think you should accuse others of being belligerent when you're the guy who keeps inciting this again and again. I find this intellectually dishonest and not helpful to your cause.

Repeatedly telling another poster that "we're talking in emails behind your back and everybody agrees you're a horrible person" makes your attitude look petty and backhanded. Using that strategy repeatedly while at the same time accusing the other of being a troll is quite ironic and should make you reflect. (As a sidenote: In this case you're also using the anonymity of those mysterious buddies to make a point.)

The decent thing to do would be to keep the content of those mails private and let those who allegedly agree with you speak up here if they feel the need to. Otherwise this is strictly between you and doubleoh who seemed genuinely interested in de-escalating and asked some legitimate questions.

You are the one who came across as passive-aggressive here and reading through the entire thread has left me dumbfounded as to where that even came from. It seems doubleoh unintentionally pushed some wrong buttons but maybe you should just take a step back and relax.
Also: If you hate anonymity that much you should consider using a different venue to promote your activities. Public internet forums might not be suited for that purpose then.

Reading this thread just made me sad to be honest. Still I genuinely wish you all the best in your endeavours. We all have bad days once in a while.

ETA: I won't reply to this thread again. I don't want to cause any trouble nor am I interested in offending anybody. I just felt this needed to be said.
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