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Re: The trouble with trailers for 3D films.....

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Abrams shoots his movies on 35mm film. 3D cameras are digital-only, so the film will not be natively 3D.
I recall reading something about them shooting scenes as written, with all actors in place and dialogue spoken, and then for each scene doing a "second pass" through the empty set, duplicating exactly all of the camera movements of the filmed "live" take. Would that second pass be with a 3D or digital camera, do you suppose?
That's not possible.
Could you explain why it's not?

Anyway, I think this is the bit I remember reading. If it isn't the identical interview, it's talking about the same process I was attempting to describe in the post previous:
TrekMovie wrote: Another big difference this time is that the film is in 3D. So, did 3D make a difference in the writing or shooting?

Damon Lindelof: It did not impact the writing of the script. We wanted to tell the story that we wanted to tell and we have already talked about the idea that all of us were a little bit cynical about doing the movie in 3D and then they set up a test at Bad Robot where they took footage from the first movie – the sequence when the Enterprise drops out of warp and they come upon all the federation vessels destroyed by the Narada and they are doing evasive maneuvers – and we just looked at each other after and said "that was kind of awesome." We are now – I wouldn’t say converts – but I don’t think this is going to hurt the movie. If people want to see it in 3D, they will get their money’s worth. And in terms of actual production, JJ shot the movie exactly the way he wanted to shoot it. And when you are doing this process, as opposed to a standard conversion, after every single set up – not just every scene but every angle – we had to do a 3D pass where you clear the set of the actors and the camera has to do the same moves so the guys doing the conversion can map accordingly and that will provide a much better 3D experience for the audience.
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