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I'm not too keen on a human-based prequel, simply because I don't think there'd be a great deal of material to base a good game on. If it's a game based on an alien then that would be great but I doubt Bioware would create a ME game where the protagonist isn't human.
While I think it'd be great to see an all alien Mass Effect game, I just don't see it happening.

To be fair, I think there's just enough room for another story set somewhere between Shanxi and Eden Prime. That is if the story stays away from the halls of power and keeps to frontier planets and the galaxy's underworld.

But again, a prequel wouldn't be my first choice.

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That leaves three basic options: 1) Pick "destroy" instead 2) Dramatically retcon what synthesis entails and 3) Do a prequel.
4) Tell a different story with a different kind of conflict.

How hard can it be, really? The next Mass Effect game doesn't need to be about synthetic life vs. organic life.
Those options I put forth had to do with the setting, the "when and where", not the direction of the plot. I do agree though. Whatever they choose to do, it probably shouldn't be about organic vs. synthetic. However, *IF* the game is set post-ME3, then the world that story takes place in must show the consequences of the reaper war, so at least in that regard, how organics and synthetic interact will be very relevant.
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