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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

The Tokra, pt 1 and 2: Well this was a cracker of a double ep!

Extremely interesting about the mutual symbiosis. So many questions raised which hopefully we get answers to.. such as how this mutuality came about.

Garshaw was another "interesting face", a freaky headmistress Tokra woman.

Fantastic sets, the tunnels were awesome.

I am now a fan of Carter's dad, he is a hoot! His story was quite inspiring, ready to take such a leap within hours of first hearing about the stargate. Yes he had little choice if he didn't want to die but he it did it bravely and with curiosity and good humor. It makes me wonder, if I were that age and offered a chance to radically depart from every bit of normal life I had known would I do it?

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