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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

I finally got to watch it last night. All the zombie action was cool but I thought it was a bit thin on story. I did love the intro, it just showed how desperate they had become to eat an owl and dog food.

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I'm sure I'm alone in this, but I actually found the season 2 premiere (set on the highway) to be a lot more suspenseful.

I suppose there's just something about the threat of a zombie attack I find to be a lot more exciting than the actual killing of them.

Here, it was basically just a nonstop parade of zombie killing from the start, which made the whole episode feel a bit cold and mechanical to me, like I was watching characters in a videogame or something.
It did seem like a game, when they got to the second bit of the fence and the zombie riot police came out my friend commented 'Level 2'

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I kinda wonder what the scope of this show is going to be anyways. Like how many seasons are they planning on? Clearly at this point, they're not in danger of cancellation, so they probably are going to have to choose when to end. Personally, if the quality remained consistent, I could probably watch this show for a very long time.

But maybe there's a point at which they will be satisfied with this story? Like maybe Rick dying or something. I don't know what their ultimate goal is, but I'm guessing the ending is not going to be the end of zombies or anything happy like that.
Well the Comics/Graphic Novels are apparently quite a bit ahead of the TV Show, and still going strong, and audience for the TV Show continues to grow (Despite losing 10 Million possible viewers for the Season Premiere due to Dish dropping AMC), so, I would imagine as long as ratings continue to increase, or don't drop considerably (They were pretty excited to break the 5 Million mark with Dish viewers in S1, I believe) they'll probably keep it going, unless the Actors become too expensive for the ratings. The way it's looking now, I wouldn't be surprised to see it continue for at least another 3 more seasons.
I hope it continues for a long time. What I think could be interesting is if in a few years they jump ahead and have adult Carl and his sibling as the main characters.
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