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Agent Richard07
Re: "Captain Power" to return as "Phoenix Rising"

My DVD set arrived a few days ago. It's got four disks and a booklet. I notced that the booklet's back cover art has the team in power suits that are different from what was on the show, and Corporal "Pilot" Chase isn't there. Instead we have someone in a diver power suit.

It's supposed to be Colonel "Stingray" Johnson. The character was cut from the show, but he still got an action figure.

I also sampled a bit of two episodes just to see how it looked. The picture quality isn't the best and it couldn't be made sharper with upscaling. I'm still glad I have the set though. I look forward to watching it and going through the extras. By the way, the bit I watched was a scene with David James Elliott in Captain Power's armor.
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