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Re: Star Trek Film Makers Association

Linnear, as I have explained, I am asking the questions I have asked on behalf of the fan audio series I mentioned above, Star Trek: Lost Frontier, which I write for and co-produce with Chris Williams for Darker Projects. I'm not going to rehash all the interconnectivity Darker Projects has established with various fan films over the years or our very long track record for producing high quality audio drama because I've already explained precisely that in my previous posts.

As for experience, I've worked in television for the past six years in Hollywood, the last three of which have been in the writer's office of a major network series produced by ABC Studios. So I suppose you could say I do have a little bit of insight in to how these things work. I thank you for your time and consideration but will respectfully decline joining your association and wish you the best of luck.

TBonz, I apologize for the trouble my questions have caused. This was not at all my intent and I will not pursue the matter further.
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