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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

I liked and didn't like that episode, because while presenting new aliens in a new role, it portrayed Indians as simple-minded, perhaps semi-retarded, and utterly peaceful. The revisionist stereotypes were glaring, which is unfortunate because the series usually portrays tribal leaders from Egyptian or early European cultures as intelligent, cunning, sharp-witted allies and adversaries who simply lacked our knowledge base.

I'm not sure what the writer was aiming at with a tribe who belonged in a special ed class, except perhaps to show what happens to a culture that has actual benevolent gods whose protection keeps them in an infantile state.

I picked up hints at that in the episode, in their discussions about the "natural evolution" and whether the tribe was ready to see the real forms of their protectors, but perhaps the writer's original point got lost in edits and story meetings because it was too close to current stereotypes for someone not to seize on the "We're the evili defilers of harmonious natives" angle, an angle used throughout the series but without portraying a particular ethnic group as descendents of short yellow bus riders.
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