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Re: Aliens of Trek Lit, Chapter Two: Tzenkethi!

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My own ponderings on the Tzenkethi and their role in recent Trek lit will come later; Iíll let someone else take it from here.
Bennett's The Struggle Within established the Tzenkethi as agoraphobes, a sentient species that originally made its home in caves and still feels safest in enclosed spaces. One charactertic of Tzenkethi architecture is that every available surface is used, with gravitic technology used to make walls and ceilings just extensions of the floor. The Tzenkethi like their space managed.

TV Tropes has it that the different civilizations of the Trekverse have been shaped by different formative traumas. For the Cardassians, the trauma comes from the struggle to survive on their sere worlds. For the Romulans, it all comes from the stresses of the calamitous flight from Vulcan to Romulus and the difficulties of setting up a civilization on a virgin world. For the Klingons, it's their world's ravaging by the Hur'q. For the Tzenkethi, their formative trauma was first contact with aliens, who were entranced by the beautiful fluid colour-changing aliens and abducted the primitive Tzenkethi from their caves for nefarious purposes. That experience of domination and humiliation is something that has shaped the Tzenkethi, giving them an unswerving determination never to be so dominated again.
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