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Beat the game! Once I figured out the pattern, the final boss was ridiculously easy to beat. Just sit in the corner of the area and shoot at the chest with a corrosive sniper rifle and SMG. It took a long time, but he never even TRIED to hit me!

That was an enjoyable game, my memory of the first is hazy but this one was definitely better!
I was really underwhelmed with both Wilhelm and the Vault Boss. I didn't die a single time fighting either one of them (of course, with the Vault Boss, all it took was 20 hits to the chest with my 50,000 damage rocket to take him out). The boss battles were really uneven through this whole game. Captain Flynt killed me numerous times, as did Midgemong. So, at least for the Gunzerker I played, Midgemong and Captain Flynt were harder than Wilhelm or the Vault Boss. I'm also level 44 on my second playthrough and the same appears to be true with the boss battles.
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