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Re: Errand of Mercy Should have Ended Before it Began

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The Organians' "red line" was evidently the convergence of the Klingon and Federation fleets.

However, the Organians did allow members on either side to get hurt or killed in the lead-up to the major confrontation. For example, the Enterprise blew up a Klingon vessel in the teaser.
Is this surprising? This gets me thinking about people's expectations of God... why doesn't he stop everybody from hurting everybody else, since he can? Well, the Organians know that species like ours are so incorrigible that from their perspective, we're a bunch of hooligans quarrelling on their front lawn, whom they're enduring until we go away...

Again, their way of life is only protected by not revealing their powers until absolutely necessary. But even the most isolationist, omnipotent race will act, if the scrap in the front yard threatens to become an apocalypse...

So their red line makes total sense, to me.
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