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Re: Is TOS the best sci-fi TV American series until 1985?

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Consistency is not a criterion I place much value on in entertainment or art. I value it more where fast food is concerned - McDonalds is mediocre but edible and entirely reliable from town to town, state to state.
Toatally agree, consistency is over-valued. In fact, the most daring series risk falling on their faces occasionally, and sometimes do, but it's the price you pay for pushing your work farther.

JMS did push B5 very far, though, and it wasn't all that consistent. When it was consistently good, though, it was because JMS was writing it all himself.

For me, the last few Next Gen seasons epitomize that "safe", blander consistency. Their priority seemed to be not to make embarrassing mistakes rather than aggressively pushing the show into challenging, unknown areas.

DWF responded to Harley:

I agree alternately there's people who like the ones that fans generally don't like and vice versa, this is true for every TV show IMO.

Yes. In particular, I've always loved "Alternative Factor" as a chilling, flawed gem. In this, we get the inconsistency within just the one episode. Some awkward moments and lines are mixed with a brilliant, imagination-stretching premise and overwhelming sense of scale. It stands out in season one as being so raggedly executed that many viewers are quickly turned off by it. They were pushing themselves hard to get the best AND most consistently great season of SF TV made. They just barely managed to get these masterpieces out on schedule. Give them a break...
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