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I was lucky enough to know the guy, and he had glowing words for the Marc Daniels and "Doomsday" at least in my presence, and acknowledged his gaffe of earlier years. Shit, it was five days in a career that spanned thousands, and many of those long past.
Thanks very much, Esteban. I'm sure he's wanted in later life to return people's appreciation, and not offend. I know the New Voyages video, and the fact of its being for charity might have overcome what he thought of TDM. You're fortunate enough to have known him, you know better than the rest of us, and he may even have changed his mind completely, in favor of the episode.
What bothers me, far too much probably, is how he felt during the performance. I suppose it comes down to my self-image. I don't like to think that I'm someone who can mistakenly take seriously an intentionally hammy piece of acting.
It's possible that what seemed like exaggerated acting to him at the time fit perfectly, for the frantic, unbalanced, guilt-ridden Decker. Windom was the king of guest roles on TV at the time, but offhand I can't remember his being that intense in other shows. Maybe he was stepping into new territory he was unsure of.
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