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Re: Beauty and the Beast is Awful.

I think the show has potential.

The beast is actually a doctor who joined the Army, which turned him into a genetically modified infantryman because - um, they misread his medical degree? Heck, in the second episode it turned out that someone else was his squad's medic (must've been a neurosurgeon or a heart transplant specialist in civilian practice). Stupidity on that level is going to take some serious writing to explain away.

The focus on the "beauty" part of the title is a new twist. The genetically modified super-soldier will confront villains in the cosmetic, hair-care, and fashion industries, (along with the generally neglected cesspit of ballet and broadway theater villains) where his medical skills and super-powers won't be used at all.

I'm thinking they need to come up with some sort of alter-ego cover story for him, and given his incedible senses, I'm thinking he could work by day as a food critic for the New York Times or Daily Planet, while by night he beats up celebrity chefs who murder people with booby-trapped pastries. Then they could work in the side angle that the military is trying to kill him before he publishes Afghan curried chicken recipes.
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