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Re: Best guest performances on TOS......

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Yes, I've always really liked Windom, but it threw me when I heard a few years ago that Windom had no respect for Trek, and intended his performance to be hammy and over-the-top. Then I look at Decker in the shuttle being swallowed by the Cornicopia of Doom, and I start to see it. His expressions of fear start to look ridiculous to me, involuntarily, because Windom said that. I wish I'd never seen that quote. Maybe I'm too impressionable.
It's a fair cop; in the 80s Windom was somewhat dismissive of the show, the episode, and his performance.

That said, he came around, so much so that he gave that fan show (New Voyages, at the time) a performance that was--though over the top--a nice gesture and perhaps a bit of a mea culpa.

I was lucky enough to know the guy, and he had glowing words for the Marc Daniels and "Doomsday" at least in my presence, and acknowledged his gaffe of earlier years. Shit, it was five days in a career that spanned thousands, and many of those long past.
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