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Re: Janeway's locks...short or long?

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Sunscreen controls a LOT.

The eyepatch of Kove was the hottest thing EVER
Sunscreen doesn't control enough when you are near your 60's....However, She still looks great and I am a year older than Kate.
But.. I'm using a trowel!

Thank you Star Trek London and all the people who took, 10,000 pictures of Kate!!!
Being a natural blond, I burn easily and have ended up in the hospital. The trowel trick just doesn't work.

Is it my imagination or are those new and bigger glasses? Maybe it's the glasses that is making the hair stand out more?

I am actually getting curious now and can't waiting to see anything on this new show and what they do to her. I had rather see her do this than any of those celebrity reality shows.
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