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Re: Janeway's locks...short or long?

I forgot to answer the original question about Janeway's hair. I liked the hair whether it was long or short, but I often didn't like what they did with it.

The bob helmet? No. Just no.

The Gibson-esque bun was a fascinating construction. I'd love to know how they made it stay put. I've heard it called the bun of steel, but to me it always seemed rather gravity-defying.

The pony tail with rolled sides was fun for a little while, but then they never changed it for the next year or whatever. Boooriiing.

The French twist was very neatly done, but in a way that really wasn't flattering on her. No.

There's one more style they used a lot that's hard to describe. Ah, here, the one on the right. I kind of liked that one! (That's another style I have no idea how they did.)

I liked it better when it was more flowy, like in Workforce or 11:59. Or shorter and wild like in Year of hell or Concerning flight. The retro style in The killing game was adorable. Mostly down in Time and again was cute too.

So in short: great hair, but lots of bad styles.
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