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Re: Voyager rebooted as a movie

A few days ago, before discovering this forum, I had some thoughts about a Voyager movie. Not a reboot, but a post-Endgame story. That way they could still use the same actors. I would personally prefer that to seeing other actors as the Voyager crew characters, and I'm also curious to hear the story of what happened after they got home.

I have very little knowledge about the rest of Trek in general - I know about the other series and in what order they aired, I know there are Trek movies out there, and I know there are books. What I don't know is whether post-Endgame Voyager is really covered anywhere much. I do know about Admiral Janeway being in one of the movies, and I've heard about Janeway being killed off (not happy about that!) and Chakotay and Seven breaking up, I think. That's all I know about what's happened since Voyager returned, so I have probably missed stuff and this could all be irrelevant.

Now, here's what I was thinking... The movie could start with the scene from Endgame where we see them back on Earth celebrating the 25 (?) years since their return - what later turns out to be future Admiral Janeway's reality. Only the scene would be changed to reflect the Voyager crew's reality 25 years later. After that opening, they could go back and fill in the blanks on the years since Voyager came back, with some storyline tying it all together. One thing, though - I would really want Janeway to come back somehow. I would watch a Voyager movie if she wasn't in it, but to me it wouldn't be nearly as awesome without her.
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