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Re: Star Trek Film Makers Association

That makes perfect sense to me. Darker Projects has had, to date, at least three audio drama series, two of which (Star Trek: The Section 31 Files and Star Trek: Lost Frontier) have been promoted and distributed here on this very site for at least the last seven years. The third series, Star Trek: Pioneers, ended in 2007. I know for a fact that Section 31 Files had at least 30 episodes completed and released; we at Lost Frontier are hard at work getting ready to release our 16th and 17th episodes.

If that's not enough of a case to be made in favor of audio dramas, I also know that our friends at Pendant Productions promote their ongoing series Star Trek: Defiant here; so does Starship Excelsior. Too, the folks at Hidden Frontier also produced for a time Federation One and Henglaar, M.D. as audio dramas as well.

To my eyes - and by this rationale - the potential crossover of talent and resources is a no-brainer.
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