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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

Secrets: If Daniel had brought Shar'e's child back through the Stargate, then Daniel would be stuck supporting a child that wasn't actually his. He'd have to spend his government salary buying toys for the child of Apophis,

in Family Tealc was trying to get his son and wife to safety, and there's an important reason he brought his wife along through the stargate, which was conveyed in a scene that they probably shot but left on the cutting room floor.

Te'alc: "What is this 'child support' you speak of Colonel O'Neill?
O'Neill: Well, when a man fathers a child and seperates from the mother, a court often makes him pay her money to raise the child while he's off doing other stuff."
Te'alc: "This is the way of the Tauri?"
Carter: "Yes Tealc, it is."
Te'alc: "I think this would greatly upset the warriors of Chulak."
O'Neill: "It might."
Te'alc: "Then I will not tell them of it."
Jackson: "Well you have to admit, it beats having wives begging for food, shelter, and protection."
Te'alc: "Jaffa warriors are strong and can endure much, as can their women."
Carter: "Still, they shouldn't have to when their husbands are able to help, I mean, he is your child, Te'alc."
Te'alc: "Indeed. He will grow into a strong warrior."
O'Neill: "And he'll grow into a stronger warrior if you pay child support."
Te'alc: "Would he not grow equally strong if if my woman stays with him and provides for his needs on a planet outside of Apophis' control?"
O'Neill: "Yeah. I suppose."
Te'alc: "Then that is what we shall do."

Later in the episode they cut a similar discussion about whether Te'alc's medical insurance would cover the ECT therapy, after which he Zats his kid.

Never assume sloppy writing when there's a bizarro alternative script.
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