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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

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"Aaahhh you're using the neck and engineering decks to count down."
Yes, there's no way decks 12 or 14 as seen in Season One could ever fit inside the neck. It's another one of those idiotic things where fans take Franz Joseph as canon and consider the information from the actual episodes erroneous.

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"I really need to post up my conjectural deck count as my Deck 1 is the bridge going down. Deck 12 would be something like above the 2 story engine room (or the 2nd full deck from the top of the engineering hull, +/- 1 deck.)"
If I read you correct, you do not acknowledge the decks in the neck to be decks with a number? But you continue with the saucer's deck numbering once you're inside the engineering hull?

I believe there are a couple of problems with this approach: There's not that much space in the top deck of the Engineering Hull to begin with (apologies that I insist but Kirk's provisional quarters on deck 12 in "Mudd's Women" and "The Enemy Within" do connect to a circular corridor which has a turbo lift at its end near Kirk's quarters IMHO).

Then there is the issue with the Auxilary Control Room from "Doomsday Machine" which "I, Mudd" locates on (engineering) deck 8. The forward strut structure of the Auxilary Control Room seems to correspond rather well with the upper bow of the engineering hull:

It appears the landing party arrives on (engineering) deck 8 in "Doomsday Machine" from where Scotty and his technicians descend to the upper level of the engineering section:

Where there's a turbo lift door in "Journey to Babel" next to the main door to engineering section there's just a corridor (because that high up there's no more running space for lateral turbo lifts). Also notice that there are pipes and cables hanging from the ceiling. In my view this is usually (in Star Trek) the result of weapon fire impact on the outer surface of a vessel and the space just below.

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