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Re: Star Trek Film Makers Association

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This is supposed to be a friendly association that can support other groups and each other. Nothing more, nothing less. I understand where everyone's coming from here, but I think folks are just getting frustrated with each each other and the points they're trying to make simply aren't coming across well.

We all want to be friends here okay, so may I suggest we start over with a clean slate.

Exactly Nick. And I would be say it would be nice f people actually signed their posts. So easy to be a troll when you are anonymous. It would be nice to get to know everyone by their actual names.

Nobody has been trolling you.

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Might I suggest 'Star Trek Fan Production Association' with divisions for film, audio, animation productions etc.
That is a great suggestion!
This is basically what I was getting at before Linnear's meltdown. An all inclusive cooperative that everyone could contribute to and also benefit from. Its easy to see the benefits and why it would be a good thing to include everyone; I'm just not clear on why we wouldn't want to include everyone.

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