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Re: Niners Unite...around Babylon 5! - The Lost Threads

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I'm a bit reading this:

I had no idea. I saw her a year ago and had a nice talk with her at a con.. there was some big name actor that the lines were all for and no one was in her line but me and some guy with every nude pic she ever did for her to sign. She looked GREAT as in exactly the age if not younger than she was on Bab 5.

If I was at that convention, I would have loved to talk to Claudia. Ivonova was one of my favorite characters on the show and while there are better actors on the show (Jurisek and Katsulas), I enjoyed her portrayal, at least from Season 2 onwards. In season 1 (Which I'm currently rewatching), she was a little dry.

I'm surprised to read that link. I'm really glad she got her life back together but I honestly didn't think it could happen to someone like her.
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