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Re: The Linguistic Downgrading of the Romulans

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I sorta agree with your point though, if I understand it. If the Centurion had stopped at "Our portion," then he would have meant something else. So, it does sorta play like maybe he was about to be disrespectful, but then catches himself and declares his obedience by extending his original statement, if that's what you mean. I always got that effect from it too; that's the actor giving it an extra and effective twist.
I can't remember, but I think I always think at first that he's saying they've lost "their portion" of ships, as in quite a few, and then, no, he doesn't mean that after all. Confusing, but "our portion" still can be figured out from the context. I'm not sure it shows extra "formality" to use an unusual or possibly old-fashioned expression like this, or that it's some sort of language "upgrade". Some people are just better and more creative about expressing themselves.
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