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Re: Think We'll Ever See A Trek Series Longer Than 7 seasons?

Temis the Friendly Ghost wrote: View Post
where is the link to Star Trek so that the audience connect it to the movies and previous TV series
Let us see. There is the greater Star Trek universe. People in space, the starships, the future, the technology, the moral backdrop, the interaction with aliens.

There the Federation in general, in fact we might be able to see and discover more about the Federation through a show centered upon civilians, than we ever could with one center upon Starfleet.

but there needs to be some common connection, communicated visually since TV is a visual medium
I agree.

a culture clash between Starfleet and the civilian scientist who just came on board
There could be more of a cultural clash among civilians, without the common Starfleet culture being trained into them.

Between the civilians operating the ship, and a civilian scientist who headstrong ways cause conflict.

Kegg wrote: View Post
... these people are no doubt going to encounter situations that put them in physical danger. So you either have them include people who are sufficiently skilled at extricating them from that danger but who are not Starfleet for whatever reason
My uncle works at the Boeing commercial aircraft company. After September 11, 2001 attack company security traded their pistols for sub-machine guns. And there were barricades and heavy machine guns at all the vehicle entrances.

Among our group of intrepid scientists, I'm sure we can have a nice number of Indiana Jones' in the mix. Along side the Albert Einsteins.

In the previous centuries, explorers carried weapons to defend themselves, and their ships mounted cannons.

University students with phaser training?
How is that the slightest way different than Starfleet academy students with phaser training? They're basically the same young people, from the same original population groups.

A couple of students like Fiona Glenanne (from Burn Notice) could be fun.

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