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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

1x12-The Nox: Armin Shimerman is the first Trek alum to appear on the show, or major Alum, that I can tell. And only 12 episodes in. This episodes initial reason for going to Nox homeworld is cause the program is in danger of being shut down due to lack of progress. Progress as being defined by bringing back superior technology to use against others, like the Gou'ald. O'Neill is taken back by this but I'm taken back as to why he would be. Seems a logical reason that's part of the SG-Teams, part. The other easy going aspects like survey, first contact, research would all be secondary to a military lead program. So why O'Neil is baffled seems odd. The comparison to the NASA moon landings and why we've not been back to the moon, now that I did find odd. No way back then were they seeking advance tech. Points for trying though.
The episode itself was decent. The Nox's invisibility is for sure a great asset but the people are so docile that I also don't think they are part of the "Alien UN", I'm kinda wondering if I should quite trying to figure out who that's going to be right now.
I did think it interesting how their city was floating in the sky was. Is that a Viking tie? Asgard?

1x13-Hathor: Another tie back to Egypt and the fertility goddess of Hathor. I had been hoping to explore this. Afterall the line in the movie, "...would it stand to reason if they know one Egyptian god...". An episode where the ladies on SG get to be in the spotlight since Hathor has the men under her control. The one thing I want to revisit mostly from this episode is just how Hathor ended up in the Mayan Temple? I'm curious as to that.

1x14-Cor-Ai: This episode also made sense, albeit I hadn't put any thought into it like O'Neill I guess, that we might run across some people with a specific grudge match with Teal'C. This is one of those where the ending was fairly predictable though so for sheer sake of surprise it gets an average score. I hope Teal'C doesn't have to reprove himself too often though, that could get boring.
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