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Wouldn't make for a great film?

Enterprise coming last in this STARTREK.COM contest so far.

Which series would make the best feature length movie?
  1. Enterprise - 2031 (19%)
  2. Deep Space Nine - 4071 (38%)
  3. Voyager - 4504 (42%)
Bit of a shame that. Probably the only one I'd like to see, given ENT didn't exactly exhaust its potential.
What would a Voyager film be about anyway? Given its entire premise concerning getting lost in the Delta Quadrant, played out over seven loooooooooooong years? Pop in a few DVDs and you can get a two & a half hour epic. A bit of Caretaker. A few episodes mid-run. Close of Endgame. Job done.

Man I wish it was that easy with Enterprise. Still so much, too much, important moments from history left unexplored.
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