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Re: Comic Prequel: Star Trek Countdown to Darkness

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"Previews" has a clear image of the cover of issue #1. It is Kirk. No Doomsday Device, no glowing eyes, no Cheron visage, no Gary Mitchell in sight.
Also of note: that page has a release date for issue 1. January 30. Which is consistent with when Countdown issue 1 was released (end of January 2009).

In other words, it's likely that there will be a trailer by then.

Even so, I don't expect them to reveal the identity of BC's character in the trailer. I could be wrong, but I really see J.J. attempting to keep it under wraps until opening day of the movie.
Since Cumberbatch is supposed to be the central villain of Darkness, logically he'll be in the comic. To leave him out would be like leaving Nero out of Countdown.

At the very least they aren't going to wait until the movie's release, that just isn't practical. In particular, as The Villain he's going to have to be part of the first wave of action figures, which are always released before the movie is out, since that's when they sell the best. Even Abrams realizes this, Trek XI's action figures were out a month before the movie.

No, we'll have a trailer and the identity of Cumberbatch's character before this comic's release.
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