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Re: FC plothole? Why didn't the Borg create the vortex in the Delta Q?

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I always figured that it was dangerous to go to warp inside a solar system if your engines hadn't been balanced. That's what caused the trouble in STIMP.
That's part of it. But DS9: "By Inferno's Light" has Dax object when Kira orders taking the Defiant to warp inside a solar system, suggesting it's hazardous even for a properly calibrated engine.

I figure going to warp in-system kind of like speeding -- it's something that creates a risk of accidental harm to oneself or others, especially in a region with a lot of traffic, but the risk is justifiable for official vehicles in emergency situations.
Since I've seen ships go to warp dozens of times within star systems and have only heard it raised as a problem once, I'll simply go with DS9 getting it wrong.
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