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Re: Janeway's locks...short or long?

I feel like this is my eventual fate.

This is what happens when your hair gets thin and you are sick of spending a fortune and way too much time in the bathroom pumping it up every day and you don't want to turn into one of those frosted helmet heads so you go PURPLE or BURGUNDY and SHORT and you let everyone know that you intended it to look like you stuck your head under a hand dryer, this is your new look and you are cool thank you very much.

If she was an Australian she'd also be getting a tattoo right about this time in her life.

Now someone is going to smack me one for possibly being critical of Kate's cosmetic choices and go ahead, smack me, I deserve it. When I saw her at the con a couple years ago her hair looked GORGEOUS but also like a lot of work so I'm sure she is having a blast with this new look.

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