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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

Family: My god what a soap opera. Divorce, kissing your ex, child support issues, marrying for money, jealousy, betrayals..

So husband No.2 sees his wife kissing the ex-husband and just like that, BOOM, he throws away everything he believed in politically as well as throwing his step kid under a bus. Serious impulse control issues here. But hey it's okay because not only does O'Neill shoot him once to stop him he shoots him again to kill him and then shoots him a third time and completely disintegrates him! So much for that dude.

Teal'c endears himself to me by calling his sorta wife "woman".

"Silence Woman!" "Hear me Woman!"

I was kidding about the endear part.

So they escape. Remind me again why the kid and wife could not be rescued before this. After all Teal'c is not just some random refugee that got stuck on earth, he is part of the SG team. This is a little too close to Coruscant not being able to afford to buy Anakin's mom from slavery. You don't use people for your own ends and let their closest family waste away as refuse when you could do otherwise.

Forget all that though, the dumbest thing ever happened in Family. The little doctor carefully explained to Teal'c that ECT therapy was safe now, it was administered in controlled conditions under anesthetic. Everyone nods wisely. Then literally 5 seconds after this Teal'c is his kid's room and he SHOOTS the kid with an electro weapon while the kid is lying in bed and the team is all peering in the window. Forget about the doctor, the anesthetic, the medical monitoring.. the kid could have just stuck a knife in a toaster and that would have been good enough. And no one says a thing!!

I guess we just needed a dramatic Abraham and Isaac scene where Teal'c shoots his own kid. Because up to that point that's the only thing this ridiculous episode was missing.

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