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Re: What do you look for in a fan fic?

Does it really matter if it's TOS, TNG, DS9, Voy, or ENT?
Doesn't really matter. One of the most interesting fics I read was set in the TNG era of a Terran Empire that never fell for example. I suppose if I had to pick an era it would be the ENG/DS9/VOY era.

Do you prefer original characters, or established series characters?
No preference. I have nothing against OC's so long as they're well thought out characters, complete with flaws, and they fit into the Trek universe in a logical way. I will say, if a fanfic author is going to use established characters, keep them in character.

Action packed or heavy dialogue?
There's nothing wrong with action, so long as it's serving a purpose in the story. Pages of Borg drones and random aliens getting slaughtered gets redundant quick. Dialogue and character development and an interesting plot is what's going to keep me interested.
A short story 5 to 10 pages, a medium story 10 to 20 pages, or a long story 20 pages and up?
Typically, I won't even look at a story that's on the short end of the spectrum.
Do you want romance in your fan fics?
No preference. Romance can be interesting as long as it makes sense. I cringe and the obvious Mary Sue romances or things that just make zero sense at all like Picard randomly hooking up with Troi.
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