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Re: My Trek Through Enterprise: Season One

Cease Fire... more Evil Vulcans and Andorians. And playing devil's advocate splitting the planet won't work... it rotates and the Andorian side may face Vulcan space half of the time! We can't have that. Shran's always fun and the Enterprise Vulcans just make me understand why the Romulans left. It's a good episode though overall though. Really Archer confuses me at times. It's firmly established that Earth and Vulcan are closely affiliated, even if not formally allied. I get that Archer plainly -likes- Shran more than Soval, but he really goes out of his way to alienate the Vulcans in favor of the Andorians time and again. I'm surprised Forest or someone else hasn't fired him over it once the political pressure starts getting applied.

Future Tense... another cliche time travel episode. Though at least they broke the cliche super powerful Vulcan ship always being nearby to save the day trend. And the Tholians are one of the true -alien- species in every respect of the world instead of just humans with funny foreheads/ears/etc. You'll get to see one later on eventually... though this episode has nothing to do with it. The Vulcan/human child joke was funny and probably the best moment of this episode.
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