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Re: There's a trailer apparently.....

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Who exactly is saying that? Some haters on livejournal? was trek fans who post comments on articles wriiten on
Surprise, surprise.

Well, the Inquirer thing could be anything, including a complete fabrication. Really, the only three people that make sense would be Quinto, Saldana, and/or Pine. Both Urban and Pegg have been in movies (and I know MI:GP was a hit), but I wouldn't say that they are "bigger stars" now because of them. For now, I'm just going to assume that this "report" is fake.

On the Quinto thing, it was probably this interview. He mentioned that it's in the hands of JJ and the writers/producers, etc., right now and that making a film is an "enormous collaboration," which is true. I think the part people might be talking about is this:

I think that's a very healthy take on things, but it does sound like "we did our jobs, now it's time for them to do theirs, and anything that happens now is up to them." It's not exactly distancing, but it goes back to what he said, that it's a collaborative effort and it's not all on the actors. Then you also have Cho doing an interview where he says the film "may be magnificent," lol. It's a nice statement, but it doesn't exactly inspire confidence. People will see soon enough.

Okay, hopefully I can do you a favor here and just let you know that sometimes the comments section at websites is not the best place for you to draw your conclusions. I'm not trying to say anything too negative about anybody, but I know for a fact that that particular sight (at least when I was there) was not a bastion of moderate posting. Since that was the first Trek community I encountered (thanks to Google), I didn't know until much later that this was more the exception and not so much the norm. There's literally a little gang of people there that try to drive off anyone that disagrees with the main views held there. So, FWIW, I'd take that comments section with a LARGE grain of salt. This could be true for anywhere to be fair.

Probably. I just remember laughing because it sounded like "if anything's wrong with this film, don't blame the actors," but of course I didn't think he was saying that the film "sucked." That would be a stretch.

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Meh. To me it sounds like he was just looking for a way to worm his way into promoting the indie films he producing, probably looking for distributors or other producers.:

"Far more fulfilling, Quinto said, are the projects he is producing such as last year's critically heralded indie 'Margin Call'."
I mean, he's at a film festival, and he is a producer of indie films. Indie film producers are perpetually in search of distributors (or money in general), so of course he is going to try and use this article as a way of promoting his production efforts. I don't blame him.

He was speaking to "The Wrap" magazine and a judge at their indie film festival. He was considering the audience. He wasn't speaking to "Star Trek Magazine".
Yes, but he's been inaugurated into the role of "Spock," which he must learn is a lifetime commitment. That can be great or it can the equivalent of a roach motel. If being an actor hasn't taught him that "anything you say, can and will be used against you in the court of public opinion," then some Star Trek fans will, lol.
I don't know anyone who takes the comments section of an internet site seriously, me included. What is more interesting is themes, simularities and identifiable trends, the source is important but the general context is as interesting. Perhaps in the USA/UK, for example, there is too much emphasis on uncorroborated information (the invasion of Iraq because of WMD for example LOL) but certainly not here in NZ.

On that basis, and depending upon what you choose to believe, I think there's some negativity around this movie from within.
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