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Re: Last Resort was Awesome.

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They had a line about it only be five or six days since the missile launch...once again making me think this would have worked better as a miniseries.

They had a line about stripping the captain and XO of their citizenship (which is impossible) and cutting of the XO's pay (don't know about that one) and cancelling his wife's credit cards (is that possible?)...making me think do the producers have the ability to make the conspiracy anything other than over the top evil or do they just overestimate what the government can do against "TERRORISTS!!" and their wives. Remember they are going after the families and civil rights of people half a world away, not a good way to win friends and influence people.

Which leads me back to my miniseries preference. The whole show could have been much better if they sat down, worked out the plot and the conspiracies and an ending and then shot a series that could be aired over a few quick days or, if still hour long episodes, all be pretty much in the can before the show started. Or at least available for a complete DVD.
The US government right now can hold you indefinetly and kill you if they want too.
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