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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Fleet Action Review: Azure Nebula Rescue

I've had the chance to run this a few times on Tribble and it seems like an easy way to earn rommie marks. In Azure Nebula Rescue, Tholians have captured several romulan ships and towed them back to their asteroid bases for analysis.

Your job is to free these romulan ships by disabling the four tractor beams that prevent the captured ships from escaping. Each tractor beam takes about 5 to 6 seconds to disable, which means a single ship would take 20-25 seconds to disable all four tractor beams. Naturally, each asteroid base is defended by a number of Tholian ships that would attack any ship that attempts to free the captured romulan ships. Each base is given a strength number (1 to 5) and the strength of the Tholian ships that defend these bases varies according to base strength.

Having said that, the defending Tholian ships are really just a distraction from your main task, which is freeing Romulan ships. In this respect, the tactics for Azure Nebula Rescue is very similar to Starbase Blockade. You don't have to destroy the Tholian ships. If one player ship, say a tanking cruiser, can keep the Tholians occupied, the other 4 player ships can zip in and each disable one tractor beam. Once the Romulan ship is freed, the defending Tholian ships will warp away. This process should take no more than 10-20 seconds per asteroid base and the group can then repeat the same process at another asteroid base until the allocated time runs out.
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