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Re: Forgive me if this has been discussed before...

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I agree, it feels different. But, perhaps y'all are right and this is just normal.
Yea, pretty much, that's how the Classic Series ran for 26 Series, and the New Series has run for 7 Series and still going strong. The show is constantly evolving, changing Companions, Changing Doctors, Changing Show Runners and thereby keeping itself fresh and not same old same old. Even when they do a similar story that has been done before, it's different by virtue of the Show Runner, Companions and Doctor Actor who are doing that story.
Except for when they do very similar feeling stories that also happen to be only a few episodes apart, like "The Idiot's Lantern" & "Fear Her" in Season 2 or "Night Terrors" & "The God Complex" in Season 6.
Well sure, you should never recycle the same script in the same Season/Series, especially not with only a 13 Ep Commitmient (Plus Christmas Special). Though I gotta say, The God Complex was much more enjoyable to me than Night Terrors. I'd actually lump it in with Fear Her rather than The God Complex, though.

I was actually talking about T. Baker/Sarahjane could recycle a Pertwee/Jo Grant script or Davison and his full boat could recycle a Troughton/Zoe-Jamie Script, or Moffat/Smith could recycle an RTD/Eccelston or Tennant Script. File the Serial Numbers off of course (No need to remake it, if it's a Dalek script, redo it as Cybermen...) and it can still feel fresh, because it's that specific Companion/Doctor/Show Runner's first time doing XXXXXXX or YYYYYYY
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