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Re: Aykroyd Comments on Murray, Ghostbusters 3! Working on Script w/Ra

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Obviously it's a great story, and the main reason that first movie worked so well, but we've already seen it. And there's no way a reboot could possibly do it any better.
Almost thirty years ago. Enough time has passed.
I would agree that something new can be done with the property, taking it in a new direction. I just don't want to see a continuation -- there's nothing left to be done with the characters from the 1984 film.
I agree, but if they're going to do a continuation a "passing the torch" movie might work. I agree the comedy aspects of the first movie are very much there but it sill also has just enough edgy/actiony bits to it to make it along the line of a typical summer comedy/action movie. The second movie, however, threw the balance way off (as well as making the humor less sharp and more cartoony. Hell, more cartoony than even the cartoon was being!)

Like I said above, I think a more "serious" take on the franchise could very-well be interesting. My "problem" is giving threats or whatever more of a mundane setting or at least less of a "the world is at stake, here!" feel.

I mean, without the Ghostbusters being around the world went from Babylonian times or even earlier all the way to the mide-late 20th century wihout world-ending disasters. And had the Ghostbusters not been around Gozer would have taken over the world, or done whatever he planned to do when he "rose."

And had the Ghostbusters not re-assembled in 1989, Vigo would have risen and taken over the world. So, it's pretty damn nifty -and lucky- that the world went centuries without any trouble from the supernatural and then all of the sudden within five years of one another two ancient gods/powers almost rose and took over the world. Which raises the question:

If Gozer had been successful and been in "power" when Vigo rose, being reborn into the body of a sacrificed child, who would win in a fight?

So whatever the stakes are in any future Ghostbusters movies I hope it's not another "ancient god rises to take over the world" thing.
Just because it's futuristic doesn't mean it's practical.
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