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Re: Kate Mulgrew's decision to not have a romance

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You can bet she deleted everything--

I don't think it so much the fantasy about cheating, as much as she knew the character had a wife, and needed her out the way to get what she wanted from him.

Janeway's personal log on Fair Haven:

"I met an interesting man there, and for a while I almost forgot he was a hologram. We weren't exactly compatible, but then again, Mister Paris didn't programme him to my specifications. "
This is interesting, because there was obviously something about his roughness that attracted her to him.

But even more telling, she nearly forgot he was a hologram, he was so realistic to her.

Which suggests she had to have taken his marriage seriously--she fell for him anyway, and technically speaking, got rid of the wife.

I know this sounds silly, but the issue still remains, would the wife have liked what she did with her husband?
Of course she wouldn't have liked it, her barkeep husband has morphed into a poetry reader shouting to the world about his broken heart from a tree. I think Janeway put a little too much poetry into the dude.

As to what attracted her in the first place, well he was a good enough looking fellow in a quirky way and he was friendly and enjoyed her company. He's not rough or crude, I'm not sure what "roughness" you are referring to. Uneducated, sure.

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