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Hmm, tale of the Dead Man would be hella tricky to do though, given you not only have to introduce the Dark Judges, but also Krakken and the Judda as well! If they had the opportunity then the first of second Death story would be best (maybe the first with added Fire/Fear/Mortis. Hell of an ending too,
They wouldn't have to use every last detail, just the broad strokes. Indeed, it's best to cherry pick from the early Dark Judge stories and roll it all into a sort of Necropolis/Dead Man mash-up. You don't need Judda or Krakken or even McGruder to do it. The core plot would be along the lines of say: Dredd has taken the long walk into the Cursed Earth (possibly at the end of movie #2) then all hell breaks loose in MC1 as the Dark Judges begin to reshape this world in their own image.
The rest of the movie is Anderson fighting for survival and Dredd making his way back to take out whatever Mcguffin is the cause of it all.

You don't even need to use the dimension jump angle. What if they gain access to this world though a powerful psychic? If not Anderson herself then maybe a friend, or some mutant kid? It's a good way to keep Anderson in the film and show more of Psi Division and not have to come up with some reason why scientists are fecking around with dimensional portals--which let's be honest, is rather incongruous with the image of a city hanging on my it's fingernails with which we were presented in 'Dredd'.
Or what if they change the origin altogether and make Death a real city Judge who went out on the long walk and came back a powerful mutant?

That's just off the top of my head. There's all kinds of directions to approach this from.
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